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apogee 3300 Neo
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  • Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

    Model : Apogee 3300 Neo

    Brand: SIUI

    Manufacturer : Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co.Ltd.(SIUI)

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    Product Description

     All Round Clinical Solution: 

    • A one imaqging technology and good image quality, high longibity and wideband multi probe frequency.
    • Advance 4D probe technology caring for women’s health
    • Complete measurement & calculation software for obstetrics and gynecology application.
    • User-friendly design with touch screen control and distinct panel layout.
    • With Multi Frequency Probe support.
    • 19-inch high resolution medical LCD color monitor.
    • Elastography (Optional)
    • CW (Continuous wave)  & PW (Pulse wave )  Doppler.
    • THI (Tissue Harmonic imaging)
    • Support Color Printer and Sony printer at a time.
    • 4 Probe connector.
    • Probe element 128.
    • Any Color printer can support.
    • capturea


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